What’s new in the next version


This section shows the new features we are planning to develop and what’s cooking for next releases of DISCOS.

Tracking of Solar System bodies

Section author: Sergio Poppi, Simona Righini

We plan to add the capability to track any objects (planets, satellites, probes …) of the Solar System. The astrometric computation will be based on the SPICE toolkit provided by NASA.

Tracking of TLE based bodies

Section author: Sergio Poppi

Two-Line elements is a data format for orbital objects like artificial satellites. With pyephem it is possible to obtain proper ephemerides.

Full support for long term archive

Section author: Andrea Orlati

The discos will support the interaction with the long term data archiving. In particular the data format must be completed according to specification. Moreover the control software is responsible to synchronize the data transfer to the archive ingestion area.