Retrieving the data

Open a terminal on the projects/data/schedules machine. Your data folder is:


Inside that folder, subfolders named according to the date (YYYYMMDD) will be automatically created during acquisitions. The date-dependent folder contains a subfolder for every scan, inside which there are the FITS files (one for each subscan).

Data storage scheme

Scan folder names are composed as:



  • HHMMSS is the UT time associated to the first sample of the acquisition

  • Project is the code/name specified using the project= command,

    or when starting a schedule with startSchedule=[project/][schedulename].scd,[N]

  • Suffix is a user-defined string retrieved from the schedule files.

    Though no control can be applied on the choice/check of this string, the agreement is that it should coincide with the target name.

FITS files, each corresponding to a subscan, are composed as:


Data can be copied to your laptop using the procedure provided by the user support.


When recording manually-acquired data in FITS format, the output files are stored in a peculiar path which is not accessible to users. This implies that they also cannot be shown by the quick-look procedure. This temporary situation, which requires the involvement of a system administrator in order to retrieve the data, will be corrected as soon as possible.

You can retrieve your logfiles here:


Its reply will let you know where the logfiles are located. A subfolder named /WindLog is devoted to the meteoClient output, if this client is used.