Release notes


  • Righini, S. (INAF-IRA)
  • and the DISCOS software group
Issue Release Date What’s new
05 14/02/22
** Release for DISCOS 1.06 **
First 64-bit DISCOS release for Medicina.
C-high (CHC) receiver now fully supported.
ProjectID in schedule files must coincide with the
one in use during observations.
DIMED attenuator can be commanded via DISCOS.
Updates in the FITS format content.
04 30/03/16
Release for ESCS 0.4
Spectroscopy observations now available.
FITS/schedule sections removed from this document
and placed in separate manuals.
Update on data quick-look tools and on
03 18/02/14
Addition of new details on BCK schedule files
02 13/12/13
Correction of errors. Addition of CalibrationTool
as data writer
01 11/12/13
Issue 01