Release notes


  • DISCOS team

Current release: what’s new

DISCOS 1.0 is the present release. Here are the new elements it introduces:

New logistics
SARDARA configurations and commands
New data quick-look tool
FITS update: new columns in the SECTION TABLE, new values for the SIGNAL
keyword in main header
summary.fits update


Issue Release Date What’s new
13 15/11/18
Release of DISCOS 1.0
New logistics (observing machines and relative
SARDARA is now fully integrated; addition of new
configurations and capabilities.
New online data quick-look, replacing the previous
Updates in the FITS files content (inside the
SECTION TABLE) and in the summary.fits content
(several keywords are not set to NULL anymore)
This release is to be paired to the following
* DISCOS schedule structure (v. 1)
* FITS and MBFITS output formats in DISCOS (v. 1)
* basie User Manual (v. 1)
12 29/01/16
Release of NURAGHE 0.6
Addition of the SARDARA back-end.
New instructions for LLP LO setup.
Updates in the Startup, Data retrieval and
Quick-look sections.
This release is to be paired to the following
* Nuraghe schedule structure (v. 3)
* FITS and MBFITS output formats in Nuraghe (v. 3)
* basie User Manual (v. 1)
11 25/05/15
Release of NURAGHE 0.5
Addition of Spectroscopy and Derotator sections.
Changes in goOff command.
New commands for manual data acquisitions.
Changes in XARCOS configuration codes.
This release is to be paired to the following
* Nuraghe schedule structure (v. 2)
* FITS and MBFITS output formats in Nuraghe (v. 2)
10 02/02/15
Checklist revision.
Added Troubleshooting and FaultReport sections.
Removal of previous Appendix C (Schedule
structure), moved to a separate guide.
“antennaReset” removed from setupXXX
command internal list of actions.
09 11/11/14
Release of NURAGHE 0.4
Addition of XARCOS commands.
Revision of AS and general commands.
Improved codification of commands.
Addition of TAB-completion of commands.
08 04/04/14
Release of NURAGHE 0.3
Added commands for AS, MS, setup/park.
Addedd focusScan command.
Updated info on Meteo client.
Added info on BCK schedule file.
Deleted sections on data formats and on “Nuraghe
from Scratch”, which become independent documents.
Checklist moved to document beginning.
Updates on the operating machines.
07 03/12/13
Addition of info on observing machines.
Updates on receviersMode command.
Addition of minor servo commands.
Addition of “Start Nuraghe from Scratch”
appendix. Addition of clients: “Meteo”,
“Scheduler”, “CalibrationTool”.
06 10/06/13
Corrections on receiversMode description.
05 31/05/13
Added details on the L/P receiver configurations.
04 23/05/13
Details on login and data access temporarily removed
Correction to the setSection command description.
Correction and more info on data quick-look
03 20/05/13
Added info on user login.
Added info on quick-look.
Added info on data-retrieval.
Description of OTFC scanning option.
Addition of system calibrator catalogue.
02 30/04/13
Updated info on commands. New formatting.
01 20/02/13
Issue 01